Parkersburg Christian School:

Parkersburg Christian school was founded in September 1980 by Dr. Joe Nelson, Soon after he assumed the pastorate at Spreading Truth Ministries. Our commitment to Christian education has remained strong throughout the intervening years. We will be celebrating our 33rd graduating class in June 2013. We teach strong traditional family values. We currently use ACE curriculum, because of its ability to target each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. We have graduates in every walk of life, professional, blue-collar, government, etc. In 2004 we were privileged to have our first Individual graduate whose parents graduated from our school. 

Parkersburg Bible College:

Parkersburg Bible College was founded in 1982 by Dr. Joe Nelson. We have over 20 branches associated with Parkersburg Bible College. They are located all across North America, the Caribbean and Europe. With hundreds of students and graduates around the world working to achieve Biblical excellence. A unique monotheistic Jewish curriculum provides a thorough grounding in our historic Judaic Christian tradition of the Apostle’s faith. Equipping our students to carry their faith around the world, Parkersburg Bible College remains committed to the original Orthodox faith found in the Book of Acts


Sunday - 10:00 am
Wednesday - 7:30 pm


1093 Core Rd
Parkersburg, Wv 26104

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